Supporting pastors and churches in transition

Our mission is to equip people to live for the glory of God with biblically balanced principles through ministries focused on transition, coaching, and training.

 Someone has said, “Those who can’t do, teach.” The idea is often people become professors or teachers by earning degrees and have little life experience. If you look online there are many programs offering certificates as “life coaches.” The result is there are coaches and teachers in almost every field who have knowledge with little experience. I am not suggesting there is no value in education or certifications, but we need a balance between knowledge and experience in the coaching relationship.

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Pastor Gary’s ministry to South Juniata Baptist church and to me personally was nothing less than the grace of God, poured out. In the midst of a highly volatile situation, he offered us the wise, objective counsel that can only be given by someone with extensive ministry experience and a heart for the local church. He provided continuity in the pulpit during a season of change for us, regularly expounding the Word, graciously applying it in a manner that was both faithful to the text and relevant to our situation. Time and time again, Pastor Gary offered me the encouragement or insight that I desperately needed. His availability and sincere concern for me and our church was a real blessing. There’s no doubt that God greatly used Pastor Gary’s service to accomplish His purposes for us.
— Caleb