(Ministries to Equip and Encourage)

Jesus "Gave some to be . . . pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints" (Eph. 4:11-12). A primary responsibility of the church is to equip people for ministry. The need today is great for this ministry. Pastors cannot do it all.

BBM is committed to serving the church and pastors through several ministries that help the pastor to equip people for ministry. Our primary ministries include:

  1. PLACE workshops - helping people to find where they fit in ministry.

  2. Specialized workshops for building a discipleship ministry can be tailored to the church's specific needs.

  3. Team Building workshops and consultations - helping to train people for leadership in ministry. (see related article)

  4. Pastoral Coaching - relationships that challenge, encourage, and support pastors to reach their potential. (see related article)

  5. Church Consultations - helping church navigate transitions

Who Should Attend? These workshops and consultations are especially valuable to pastors, elders, deacons and all church leaders. Actually, the whole congregation can be better equipped for ministry in the church through the PLACE workshop in particular.
Additionally, we often can offer the option of either Gary Becker or another qualified pastor who can serve as a “Transitional Pastor” or interim pastor. A Transitional Pastor works directly with BBM and the church leadership in an assessment process leading to the implementation of a strategic plan for the future of the church. He is also available to provide many basic pastoral ministries including the pulpit ministry. During this time BBM helps the church in the search for a pastor by serving as a “Head Hunter.” This can also be used as a time to resolve concerns of the leadership. Whether the church chooses to take advantage of just a one day workshop or the complete transitional ministry BBM's desire is to provide the church with whatever it needs.