Our mission is to assist churches and ministry leaders by coaching, consulting, and training to increase effectiveness and impact in fulfilling the biblical mission of the church.

 A definition of a Biblically Balanced Ministry is one that relates biblical truth to culture and life manifesting four basic principles in the local church:

  1. Prioritizing the worship and glorifying of Jesus Christ as Lord (John 4:24).

  2. Preaching the Word of God without compromise and relating truth to life (2 Timothy 4:2).

  3. Participating in the work of ministry to build up the body of Christ and demonstrate Christ in good works (Ephesians 4:12).

  4. Proclaiming the Gospel locally and globally (Matthew 28:19-20).


Our ministries are: (Note: these four categories are the key terms on our website)

1. Transition Ministries - supporting churches and pastors in times of transition

  • Serving as a “Transitional/Interim Pastor”

  • Leading “Pastoral Transition” workshops and helping churches develop a pastoral profile based on the individual church

  • Guiding the pastoral search

  • Developing a pastoral agreement with the church

  • Helping churches to “Design Your Impact” for fulfilling the Great Commission

2. Coaching Ministries - supporting pastors and individuals through Biblical Life Coaching

  • Pastoral coaching in transition and leadership development

  • “Biblical Life Coaching”- helping people develop a life plan based on a personal profile

  • Serving as a “Mobilization Coach” in implementing a strategic mission strategy

3. Consulting Ministries - supporting and guiding churches in times of ministry development, crises, and developing mission, vision, and strategies for making a local and global impact

  • Leading church assessments to discover potential

  • Helping churches re-establishing unity and direction for the church in times of crises

4. Training Ministries - supporting individuals and churches to discover God's potential

  • Leading workshops to train ministry leaders

  • Leading workshops to help people discover a personal profile and the place they fit in ministry

  • Leading workshops on global mission development

5. Providing Resources through written articles, books, online, links, etc.



  1. We are committed to a Christ centered life and ministry based on the uncompromised truths of Scripture.

  2. The Scripture teaches the value of seeking counsel.

  3. BBM leadership has the experience needed to support pastors and churches in more effectively fulfilling the Great Commission both locally and globally

  4. The Director, Gary Becker, has over forty years of experience in equipping churches through times of transition with biblically balanced insight and relevance.

  5. We offer a diversity of ministries that are strategically designed and focused on the uniqueness of churches and individuals.

  6. BBM uses a council of reference that helps broaden our vision and understanding in providing consultation and coaching.