A balanced ministry takes the mission of the church beyond its own interests. The mission of a balanced church includes local evangelism and global missions. BBM helps the local church to establish a vision and strategy to reach it's community and the world.

MISSION > VISION > STRATEGY is a workshop and consultation process that explores the biblical purposes (mission) in order to discover a unique vision for the church and strategy for a biblically balanced ministry.

DYI - Design Your Impact workshop enables the church to discover and engage your global potential.

GAP - Global Access Planner guides your leaders through the steps of developing a strategic global evangelism plan for the local church.

Missions Consultation Resources are available to help your church develop a short term missions team, prepare members of your church for a career in missions, missions committee development, designing a dynamic missions conference, and more.
Who Should Attend?
Pastors, Elders, Deacons and all church leaders
Those desiring to be leaders
All believers who want to build their lives on God's Purposes

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The seminar/workshop and consultation is scheduled to meet the needs of the individual church. Usually a preliminary informational session is held with the search committee and/or board of the church.


Dr. Gary R. Becker has more than twenty-five years of experience in pastoral ministries. He has pastored churches in a major evangelical association and an independent church. Educationally, he holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Northeastern Bible College, a Masters in Theological Education from New Brunswick Seminary, completed courses at Luther Rice Seminary, and has earned his Doctorate in Practical Theology from Masters School of Divinity. He is the president and executive director of Biblically Balanced Ministries, Inc. This ministry gives him an opportunity to share his experience in coming alongside churches and pastors.