Pastoral transitions can be times of opportunity. Many churches have a long history of being in the stabilization or even the stagnation stage (see diagram). Pastoral transitions offer the opportunity for a turning point leading to revitalization.

Unfortunately, most churches think a new pastor will be the savior. They look for a pastor without taking time to do an in-depth assessment of where the church is at. The result is often the church sees little revitalization with a new pastor. 

A lesson being learned today is that true church consultants can help the church to not simply find a new pastor but begin a strategic plan for revitalization. The consultant can take an objective look at the church, help the church to itself, and think outside the box.

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The Value of a Consultant

"In the multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14). Churches going through pastoral transition can benefit from the counsel of others.

BBM offers workshops and consultation ministries to come alongside churches during these times of transition. A goal is to help churches form a basic outline of a vision for the local church. Defining priorities before affirming a new pastor can help to make for a smother transition and enable the church to grow with "the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Eph. 4:3).

The approach is not to present a program but to enable the church to discover its uniqueness and potential.

Pastoral Transition Workshop is a starting point. The workshop includes:

  • Examining biblical principles related to pastoral transition

  • Evaluating the strengths and needs of the church

  • Exploring the potential for the future of the church in light of a changing culture

  • Explaining the diversity in ministry styles and goals

  • Expectations of the pastors and the church

  • Assessment Tools

Basic results of the workshop are:

  • Church leadership and congregational profiles

  • Pastoral profile including personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, and experiences

  • Pastoral assessment questionnaire

BBM offers a preliminary consultant to any church.

Pastor Gary’s ministry to South Juniata Baptist church and to me personally was nothing less than the grace of God, poured out. In the midst of a highly volatile situation, he offered us the wise, objective counsel that can only be given by someone with extensive ministry experience and a heart for the local church. He provided continuity in the pulpit during a season of change for us, regularly expounding the Word, graciously applying it in a manner that was both faithful to the text and relevant to our situation. Time and time again, Pastor Gary offered me the encouragement or insight that I desperately needed. His availability and sincere concern for me and our church was a real blessing. There’s no doubt that God greatly used Pastor Gary’s service to accomplish His purposes for us.
— Caleb