Pastors can't do all the ministry needed in churches. Biblically they are not responsible to do it all. Pastors are to "equip the saints (believers) for the work of ministry."

PLACE workshops can be a valuable help to pastors and church leaders to find, equip, and fit people into ministry. The fit is not simply based on church needs but a personal understanding of the uniqueness God has created within the individual believer.


PLACE workshops introduce you to a process of self discovery that enables you to understand how God has designed you as an individual. Results of this discovery lead to strengthening of relationships in the church, home, and workplace.

PLACE is a biblically based and practically applied approach to developing self understanding and understanding of others. The step by step personal assessment is a tested measure for discerning your personality and spiritual gift combination.

PLACE enables you to find where you fit in ministry based on your personal profile. The result being greater satisfaction and joy in serving the Lord.

The instruction methods include multi-media. Biblical truths and practical illustrations are applied to real life situations in the home, church and workplace.


PERSONALITY DISCOVERY begins with a biblical overview for understanding and assessing personality. We will look at how people in the Bible reflected diversity in personality. This session includes a personality inventory helping you to understand the individuality God has created in you. A benefit to understanding our personalities is that we begin to understand and appreciate differences in others.

LEARNING SPIRITUAL GIFTS looks at the biblical definition of what spiritual gifts are and why they were given. A spiritual gifts inventory is completed to enable you to understand how God has uniquely gifted you for service. You now begin to discover how your personality and spiritual gifts make you a unique individual with special potential.

ABILITY AWARENESS is a personal assessment of what your natural abilities are and how they can be used by God in ministry. We will study the abilities of several Bible characters. A personal profile is being built that will help guide you to discover where you fit in the body of Christ.

CONNECTING PASSION to your personality, spiritual gifts, and abilities is the next step in helping you find just the right PLACE in ministry. Often people are not happy or are ineffective in church ministry because they are either not in the right place or their "heart" is not in it. This session will help connect your heart, head and body together in serving Christ.

EXPERIENCES IN LIFE is the last step of the PLACE Workshop. You will look at the experiences God has allowed you to have and discover how they can be used in ministry.

Discovering your PLACE in ministry can be one of the most fulfilling parts of the Christian life. God has created you as a unique individual. Growing in understanding of this individuality from a biblical perspective can bring a fresh new purpose and joy to your Christian life.


BBM can format the PLACE Workshops to meet specific interests of your church ministry.

The PLACE Family Workshop
. . . applies the same biblical principles to marriage and family relationships. Results include better understanding of how God has individually designed ourselves, our spouses, and our children.

The PLACE Team Building Workshop
. . . is designed to develop team relationships in the pastoral staff and church leaders. Results include developing better relationships and communication skills among church leadership. This can also be a good leadership retreat program.

The PLACE Leaders Workshops
. . . helps the pastor and leaders to implement the PLACE process into the total ministry of the church.

*The basic materials used in the workshops are produced by PLACE ministries.


The seminar/workshop and consultation is scheduled to meet the needs of the individual church. Usually a preliminary informational session is held with the search committee and/or board of the church.


Dr. Gary R. Becker has more than twenty-five years of experience in pastoral ministries. He has pastored churches in a major evangelical association and an independent church. Educationally, he holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Northeastern Bible College, a Masters in Theological Education from New Brunswick Seminary, completed courses at Luther Rice Seminary, and has earned his Doctorate in Practical Theology from Masters School of Divinity. He is the president and executive director of Biblically Balanced Ministries, Inc. This ministry gives him an opportunity to share his experience in coming alongside churches and pastors.