When a church is going through pastoral transition it is common to have an interim pastor. Generally speaking the interim pastor brings continuity to the pulpit ministry and provides some of the basic pastoral care ministries. A Transitional Pastor provides similar ministries plus is experienced and trained in leading the church through an in-depth assessment identifying strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles. This becomes the basis for helping to prepare for the new pastor and build a strategic plan for the future. 

When Gary Becker's schedule allows, he is willing to serve as the Transitional Pastor. If he is not available he is willing to work with another transitional/interim pastor as a coach. BBM provides the tools and resources serving in a consultation role. A Transitional Pastor works directly with BBM and the church leadership in an assessment process leading to the implementation of a strategic plan for the future of the church. 

During this time BBM helps the church in the search for a pastor by serving as a “Head Hunter.” This can, also, be used as a time to resolve concerns of the leadership.

Whether the church chooses to take advantage of just a one day workshop or the complete transitional ministry, BBM's desire is to provide the church with whatever it needs.