A Balanced Approach to Coaching - Part 2

1. Teaching is primarily the transference of information. A key to teaching is The Apostles Teachings (Acts 2:42). Biblical coaching is not intended to be a teaching ministry on sound doctrine. Hopefully, the coaching ministry begins with one who is already grounded in sound doctrine. This is not to say a Biblical coach will never teach. The coach’s role is more about enabling the one being coached to apply sound doctrine to his life goals.
2. Training is about showing and exemplifying the “how to” of ministry. Skill development is the focus of training. This may become a goal in the coaching ministry, but the coach’s role is not as a personal trainer. A trainer establishes the goals and pushes the trainee.

3. Mentoring seeks to direct a person by helping them solve problems and increasing their effectiveness in their field of ministry. It is similar to coaching but often is most effective in early years of ministry development.

4. Coaching is a unique roll focused on bringing out the best in one being coached. It is directed at helping the individual define, establish, and reach goals and solutions through a personal discovery process. The coach is not the authority but serves as a facilitator in the discovery process. There are times when a coach may need to become or recommend a teacher, trainer, or mentor. The coach is more of a Barnabas (an encourager) than a Paul (teacher, exhorter).

A balanced approach to ministry coaching recognizes the need for all four of the above areas to be connected. Effectiveness of life coaching understands the goal is maturity: personally, spiritually, and professionally.

The business world, financial management, and even individuals are realizing the value of coaching relationships. The business world will often even provide the finances. Many pastors and ministry leaders are also discovering the value of a coach. Common obstacles for pastors seeking a coaching relationship are that often churches do not realize the value of a coach and the pastors’ finances are not able to afford a coach. BBM seeks to provide coaching to pastors and ministry leaders on a contribution basis.

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