Admitting Weaknesses (Part 1)

After several years of ministry I was introduced to a process called “Biblical Profile.” This process helped me to see some of my strengths. This process also revealed some of my personal weaknesses. One of the realities about being a ministry leader and/or pastor is that your ministry generally reflects your strengths and weaknesses. This becomes even more pronounced in smaller ministries like BBM.

Discovering the opportunities and targets of a ministry requires an understanding and admission of our weaknesses. Once you recognize your weaknesses you should see the need for finding people and resources to overcome your weaknesses. We need to remember how God created the church to function with a multiple of spiritual gifts and personalities.

The SWOT process with BBM has revealed and/or confirmed some of our weaknesses. The following are some of our weaknesses:

Fund Raising weaknesses result from our desire to be “faith based” and not billing for our services.

2.    Our ministry has a greater appeal to smaller churches with less ability to fund us.

3.     Many pastors fear outside evaluation and are not always open to assessment personally and/or as a church.

4.     Lay leadership often doesn’t see the need for and/or are unwilling to accept objective outside counsel.

5.     BBM needs to find ways to become more widely known. We could be called a “best kept secret.”