Setting Your Sight on the Target

Once you have identified your strengths, acknowledged your weaknesses, and discovered your opportunities you are ready to set your sights on the targets. It has often been said “if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it.” It can also be said when you define your target you are much more likely to hit it.
One of the things we may not have touched on, up to this point, is understanding your passions. Life experience and the inner working of the Holy Spirit create passions within us. Targets that connect strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities with our passions increase the potential of reaching the target. We believe the targets we have defined at BBM for 2016 reflect the connection of each of these areas.

The SWOT process of BBM has led us to include the following TARGETS for BBM in 2016:

  • Try to find another Pastoral Transition ministry.
  • Develop a social media awareness of BMM – Website, Facebook, blog, etc. using a resource person.
  • Develop pastoral contacts:
  • Follow-up with pastors and churches where we have ministered.
  • Monthly visitation of pastors who have had a connection with BBM
  • Visit pastors of WorldVenture churches to explore leadership development.
  • Expand the coaching ministry:
  • Find a least 5 additional pastors who will commit to a formal coaching agreement and/or forming a peer group with our leadership.
  • Offer a “Balanced Life Coaching” ministry to lay leaders and/or individuals.
  • Lead at least 6 training workshops (PLACE, Design Your Impact, Churches in Transition, or leadership development).
  • Increase the base support of BBM by at least $500 per month.
  • The director will seek to end or limit “tent maker” commitment.